Fayetteville Arkansas, University of Arkansas--Old Main Overview

Fayetteville Arkansas, University of Arkansas--Old Main Overview
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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Future of Fayetteville High School Update

In a close decision, Fayetteville School Board voted 4-3 to continue operating only one school for all high school students in the district. Currently, that means grades 10-12.

There is much more to be considered. For example:

Will 9th grade be removed from Junior High to High School?
Will the present school somehow be expanded or abandoned in favor of a new school elsewhere?
If it is to be a new site, where will that be?
What are the costs of these decisions?
What is the resale value of the present high school property?
Is enrollment expanding enough to justify the expense?

The Future of Fayetteville High School Select Committee charged with evaluating the future of the high school recommended adding 9th grade to high school but the board did not vote on that subject.

My son graduated from FHS a few years ago so I feel justified in giving my opinion. I’m in favor of keeping 9th graders in junior high. They need another year of maturity and chances of leadership positions in junior high before being tossed into the high school where they are “small fish” in a very big pond.

I’m also in favor of one high school because I fear having two high schools may create a rivalry of sorts. One school may be perceived as better, or more modern, or have better labs and classes, etc. Or, and let’s hope this would not happen, one school may happen to have more affluent students because it’s located in a “better” part of town.

It is worth noting that while all these decisions are being made, Springdale and Rogers have each seen their enrollment go flat after several years of incredible expansion. Springdale’s enrollment has dropped about 100 students from the end of 2005-06 school year to the present time. Rogers has lost nearly 200 students.

Springdale is now postponing construction of several new schools that were planned.

I wish Fayetteville School Board well as they deal with these difficult decisions.

For more information:

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