Fayetteville Arkansas, University of Arkansas--Old Main Overview

Fayetteville Arkansas, University of Arkansas--Old Main Overview
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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Do-it-Yourself Checklist

I’ve known people who seem to have the ability to do almost anything and do it well. Unfortunately, I’ve also known people who undertake tasks they never finish or when they are finished, you wish they never started.

If you are thinking about repairs or improvements to your home, please consider these points before you start:

Do I have all the skills to do the job right the first time?
Do I have the time required to do the job properly?
Can I actually do the work to a professional degree, or will it look as if an amateur did it?
Are all the right tools available? Can I afford to buy or rent all the right tools?
Have I considered all aspects of the job from beginning to end?
Do I need a license for electrical or plumbing tasks?
Do I need a building or zoning permit?
Is there a risk I will damage the home?
What do I risk if I do the work myself?
What is the possibility that I may be injured?
Will I lessen the value of my home?

All of these questions are fundamental but #11, “Will I lessen the value of my home?” is frequently overlooked by the do-it-yourselfer intent on saving some money. The question becomes vitally important when the homeowner wishes to sell the home.

Buyers will notice sloppy workmanship and it will affect their perception of the property. Sometimes a buyer will turn around and leave without any further consideration of the property.

Other times sloppy repairs (think crooked tile or a bad seam on the kitchen counter top) will result in a buyer offering several thousand dollars less on a property.

Even worse is a remodeling project that doesn’t meet local codes. That can be a nightmare.

So, I urge you to consider all aspects before you do-it-yourself. If you have the necessary expertise, fine. If you are not proficient, don’t shortchange yourself now. Have a qualified professional do the work.

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