Fayetteville Arkansas, University of Arkansas--Old Main Overview

Fayetteville Arkansas, University of Arkansas--Old Main Overview
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Internet – Ya Gotta Love It!

I recently came across an interesting article that discussed who uses the Internet and what they do with it.

The survey broke usage down into several age brackets. In my group (older baby boomer) only 70% of those surveyed used the Internet for anything. I use the Net so much it’s hard to visualize what the other 30% who don’t use it at all do for correspondence, news, shopping, banking and business!

Technology is an essential part of my business. I have multiple websites where buyers can access all of the NW Arkansas MLS listings plus lots of information about buying a home. I also provide many useful links to all kinds of information about NW Arkansas.

I was one of the first few agents in NW Arkansas to provide a website to search for homes. I am among an elite group of about 200 agents nationally who have been invited to join the Allen Hainge Cyberstars, and I was an early recipient of the e-Pro certification.

Ultimately the Internet has totally changed the way I do business and the way people look for homes. There used to be fear among real estate agents that the Internet would replace agents - that people wouldn't need us any more. But that is not the case; in fact, people who want to buy or sell a home need agents more than ever.

The Internet has tons of information, but the key is to be able to INTERPET that information. A good agent (for the buyer or seller) can provide key market data and help their clients maximize what they can learn for themselves from the Internet.

For sellers, a techy agent can provide the maximum exposure of their property to the 90% of buyers who now search for their home on line.

For buyers, a techy agent can provide additional information on potential properties they may want to see. And techy buyers are way ahead of the others. They go online to research potential homes and rule out the obviously unsuitable ones. Ultimately, buyers and I save lots of time, not to mention gasoline!

The Internet also provides the means for me to quickly send listings and photos by email, as well as documents for signatures.

If I can help you buy or sell, please let me know. It’s what I do, and I particularly enjoy helping first-time homebuyers fulfill their dreams.

If you would like to see how your usage compares to others in your age group, go to: