Fayetteville Arkansas, University of Arkansas--Old Main Overview

Fayetteville Arkansas, University of Arkansas--Old Main Overview
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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Presidential Elections and the NW Arkansas Real Estate Market

Normally I try not to get political, but yesterday was election day and it appears that Barack Obama will be our new president starting at the end of January. It was a hard-fought campaign.

His comments last evening about hope and trying to solve the current economic dilemma of this country were very encouraging. And John McCain's speech also referred to the necessity of all of us to work together to solve the dire situation that this country confronts.

In NW Arkansas we are kind of lucky. We have some major corporations with home offices here, and when times are tough, Walmart does well. At a time when (in the nation as a whole) jobs are being lost, there are still jobs being created in NW Arkansas, although not at the accelerated pace of the past few years. And jobs bring people to our area (also those great "best places to live" articles in major magazines).

There are homes being sold here, and the real estate market is not as dire as in other parts of the country. It's actually a great time to purchase a home--lots of great values available. But if you are a seller, you need to realize that it IS a buyer's market, and there are still many homes on the market. If you are lucky enough to actually get an offer on your home, it will probably be much less than what you were hoping for--work with it. And if you have an older home, you need to be very aggressive about pricing (i.e. update it as much as possible and/or price it much lower than you ever thought you should). Prices have come down, there are lots of foreclosures on the market, and an older home is competing with new homes, which (in many cases) are being sold at cost.

My recommendation is that if you don't need to sell right now, don't. Rent your home or hang in there until the market turns around, which it will eventually. I don't have my crystal ball handy, but I'm thinking at least wait until next year. If you purchased your home at the peak of the market, you may have to wait longer to sell without losing money.

In any case, we're finally past the election campaign, and perhaps the new spirit of optimism will help the market improve and will spur the economy. Let's hope so.

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