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Fayetteville Arkansas, University of Arkansas--Old Main Overview
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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bus Ridership is Increasing in NW Arkansas

I was pleased to read in the Northwest Arkansas Times newspaper that more people are using public transportation to get where they want to go. Of course, that isn’t a big surprise given the high cost of gasoline these days. As I write, gas in our area is averaging about $2.90 a gallon. Add that to all the other costs of driving a vehicle and it’s easy to understand why bus ridership is increasing.

But gas prices aren’t the only reason ridership is up. Ozark Regional Transit deserves a pat on the back for expanding service. Ozark currently has seven fixed routes serving 110 square miles. As they are able to obtain more funding, Ozark plans to increase the areas they serve.
I sincerely hope this trend will continue. Commuters face gridlock twice a day just trying to get back and forth to their work places. Even in the non-commuting hours of the day it’s not unusual to face traffic delays as people go about their shopping, appointments, and general business of the day. No one enjoys gridlock. It creates more stress on both people and the environment.

I have stressed for several years the need for a good public transportation system in NW Arkansas. Yes, I know it’s not nearly as bad here as New York or Los Angeles or many other large cities, but we need to make sure it doesn’t get that bad. Reliable bus service with a good route system and frequent trips will be a big plus for this area.

If people can rely on the bus to get them where they want to go in a reasonable amount of time, bus ridership will undoubtedly increase.

For more information:

Ozark Regional Transportation, http://www.ozark.org

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