Fayetteville Arkansas, University of Arkansas--Old Main Overview

Fayetteville Arkansas, University of Arkansas--Old Main Overview
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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Arkansas Existing Home Sales up 30%

Arkansas continues to experience record growth in existing home sales, outpacing every other state in the country in the fourth quarter, according to a study by the National Association of Realtors. It was the second consecutive quarter that Arkansas’ rate was the best in the country. Arkansas has been among the top 10 states in sales of previously owned homes for each of the past five quarters.

Arkansas’ sales of previously owned homes were up almost 30 percent in the fourth quarter from a year earlier, the study showed. The third quarter of 2005 was also strong, with 32 percent growth. Nationally, existing home sales were flat in the fourth quarter, up just 0.3 percent.

In NW Arkansas, one explanation of these statistics could be the rapid increase in new-home prices, putting most of them beyond many people’s reach. Builders are no longer constructing small “starter” homes due to skyrocketing land costs and increased construction and development costs. As recently as about 3-4 years ago, the typical starter home was about 1000-1200 square feet and could be purchased for under $100K. The new starter home in NWA (particularly in the major towns of Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville) is larger than that of the past, but prices are also significantly higher, starting at about $180K and going up from there. Salaries are not increasing at the same rate as home prices. Thus for people of modest means who don’t qualify for a new home of this type, the purchase of an existing home or paying rent are their only choices.

Source: Northwest Arkansas Times, February 17, 2006

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